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"The Poem of The Man God"

On 23 April 1943, Good Friday, Maria Valtorta – a Franciscan tertiary – reported the voice of Jesus suddenly speaking to her and asking her to write. From then until 1951 she produced over 15,000 handwritten pages in 122 notebooks, mostly detailing the life of Jesus as an extension of the gospels. Her handwritten notebooks containing close to 700 reputed episodes in the life of Jesus were typed on separate pages by her priest and reassembled, given that they had no temporal order, and became the basis of her 5,000-page book "The Poem of the Man God"
Testimonial 1

Fr. Dreyfus

“I was greatly impressed on finding in Maria Valtorta’s work the names of at least six or seven towns, which are absent from the Old and New Testaments. These names are known but to a few specialists, and through non-biblical sources… […] Now, how could she have known these names, if not through the revelations she claims that she had?” – Fr. Dreyfus, of the French Biblical and Archaeological School, Jerusalem
Testimonial 2

Fr. Gino C. Violini

“It is the gospel proclaimed with new vigor and detail. It is a powerful light beamed on the person of Jesus Christ and his eternal teachings. Indeed this work appears to be the only true vision-and-word revelation on the gospels ever granted to mankind.” – Fr. Gino C. Violini, Calgary Alberta, Canada
Testimonial 3

Pope Pius XII

“Publish this work as it is. There is no need to give an opinion about its origin, whether it be extraordinary or not. Who reads it will understand.” – Pope Pius XII
Testimonial 4

Rev. E. Vitchkoski

“I have read the story of the Adoration of the Shepherds… at least 8 times… to individuals, small groups, and even a group of 24. The reaction is amazing. All are touched profoundly. […] All are enthusiastic. I believe that this is the age to know more about Our Lord and Lady. The time is ripe and the people ready and thirsting to know and love.” Rev. E. Vitchkoski, M. I. C., Thompson, Connecticut
Testimonial 5

L.L Van Zandt

““That Valtorta, who was by all accounts mystified by a slide rule, and had no personal computer nor any other sort of calculating engine to use, could have carried out the sea of arithmetical operations necessary not merely to verify but actually to discover the Marian rainbow, all the while managing to keep permanently concealed the hundreds of pages of scratch sheets that anyone uses who does these things, must tax the credulity of even the immovable atheist more than the alternative that Jesus showed it to her.” Professor of Physics at Purdue University Indiana